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Why choose an air purifier for your car?

A quality car air purifier, such as Purlife will remove chemicals such as carbon monoxide, smog and hydrocarbons from exhaust fumes. It also removes micriobes and odors through the elimination of germs and bacteria. It's HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate) filter traps dust to ensure optimal constant cleaning, ensuring that we only breathe in the highest quality air available. Air ionisers are assisted by fans and emit positively charged ions, which are molecules that have a positive or negative charge rather than a normal neutral charge. When these ions interact with particles they become ionized and drop out of the air. Unlike air purifiers, ionizers do not have filters. Hence they do not remove dust. Neither do they remove virus or bacteria as these may not be electronically charged. To top it off, particulates need to be manually vacuumed away. For reasons stated above, ionisers are cheaper and through branding and clever marketing gimmicks, consumers are misled to think they are similar to air purifiers. Many of us already have the intention to provide clean air for ourselves and our loved ones, and understand the significance of clean air even within our vehicles. However, we are often misled by marketing gimmicks through ads, sales talk and misinformation on the internet. Pollutants from the roads, plus chemicals, hydrocarbons and particulates which come from the car itself, can easily penetrate through various inlets as the vehicle can never be completely sealed. Without a proper air purifier, air pollutants including dust, will only add on into the car premises, increasing the chance of causing driver and passengers to fall sick.